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Web applications

Creating web applications using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Mobile applications

Using one codebase to create applications for multiple platforms.


Setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery to improve code quality and time to market.


Working with devops to build, release and maitain applications as one team within your organisation.

Start ups

Using cost efficient tooling and frameworks to setup a professional development environment for starting companies.


Experienced with what users expect and strong connections within the UX/UI world.


Running applications in Azure or AWS to improve cost efficientcy, accessability or improve uptime.


Running software in containers to help easy of development, deployment and scalability.

For code examples or tutorials visit my blog

I have written several articles about different frameworks and languages. I try to create new posts often enough, so do come back later!

To the blog


When I have time I like to be involved in the community of web development. I do this on stackoverflow, github.